Uhlovitsa Cave Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Landmark Uhlovitsa Cave

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from Plovdiv, BulgariaPetko Bakalov landmarks 60/362 | continents 1/7 | comments 11 | reviews 3 2014-08-17 23:34

This is one of the most beautiful caves I have ever been to. The path to the cave is steep but when you go inside the only thing that comes into your mind is "It is really worth it" :)

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Uhlovitsa Cave

Uhlovitsa Cave (Bulgarian: Пещера Ухловица) is a show cave in the Blue Pools Area (Bulgarian: Mестността „Сините вирове“, or Mestnostta "Sinite virove") in the Smolyan Province of the Rhodope Mountains, southern Bulgaria. About 3000 tourists visit the cave every year. Uhlovitsa is about 460 m long, 330 m of which are well-explored and developed. It is 1040 m above sea level. The average temperature is about 10–11°C.



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