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  • Easy to find 5
  • Worth visiting 5
  • Beauty 5
  • Uniqueness 5
  • Great time spent 4

In August 2012 I visited Lovech Fortress and my rating is 5/5.

The fortress is really beautiful and is one of the landmarks of Lovech. In the western part there is a huge metal cross and you can see it from almost all parts of the city. From the top you can see the river Osam, and the remains of the Roman road crossing Lovech in the past. The fortress and the nearby monument of Vasil Levski are equipped with special night lighting. I spent a lot of time making pictures during the day and the night. It is a magnificent landmark. You will spend great time there and it is really worth visiting.

Tips: It is really hot during the day in the summer.


easy to find


worth visiting






great time spent

from Burgas, BulgariaNikolay

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