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  • Beauty 5
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  • Great time spent 5

In October 2013 I visited Chichen Itza and my rating is 5/5.

We traveled by car to Chichen Itsa and this was our first visit. At the entrance there are a number of people selling souvenirs. There are several shops and some toilets. Note that there are no toilets inside the site. We had a fabulous guide that told of the Mayan history. Water at the site was located in underground rivers. Cenotes, or natural sinkholes that fill with rain water. There had been evidence of human sacrifice in the cenotes. The site is quite large and you can spent half a day walking round, exploring and learning. I think we may return in the future and I would recommend this site to anyone wanting to learn more about how amazing the Mayans were.



easy to find


worth visiting






great time spent

from MexicoCrystal Garcia

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