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Want to visit
Manaslu (8163 m)
Himalayas, Nepal
Want to visit
Ecopath Three Smolyan Lakes
Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria
Want to visit
Bachkovo Monastery
Bachkovo, Bulgaria

There are countless landmarks around the world worth visiting.

Make the 7 trips, one trip for each continent and enjoy different cultures, different lifestyles and countless beautiful and memorable landmarks.

Create your Landmarks list and mark landmarks you have visited and want to visit.

You can mark any landmark as "visited" and it will be automatically noted on your list. You can change the mark from "visited" to "want to visit" at any time.

You can mark any landmark as "want to visit" and it will be automatically noted on your list. You can change the mark from "want to visit" to "visited" at any time .

You can add a review of every landmark that you mark as "visited".

You can do this from your 'Visited' landmarks list. There are five different icons that you may see: a) Published review – this is a review that is published on Reviews page; b) Make changes – this review is not approved and needs to be changed; c) Sent review – this review is waiting to be approved; d) My review – this review is not published on Reviews page and only the user can see it; e) Add review – add your review of the landmark.

You can easily add your reviews of landmarks that your have visited.

You can publish your reviews on Reviews page and they will be visible to all other trippers. That is how you can help other trippers of choosing landmarks to visit. All reviews will be checked before they are published on Reviews page.

You can plan and create trips.

You can add landmarks to a trip, make notes for each trip or landmark and plan when to visit a landmark.

All the landmarks are separated into several categories.

In each category you will find wonderful and unique landmarks from around the world.


22 countries
64 landmarks


13 countries
22 landmarks

North America

3 countries
37 landmarks

South America

10 countries
33 landmarks


1 countries
13 landmarks


27 countries
171 landmarks


1 countries
9 landmarks

Other (Oceania)

3 countries
13 landmarks

80 countries
362 landmarks

You can explore landmarks from all continents and countries.

It is difficult to collect all the amazing landmarks in the world, but it doesn't mean that we should not try. We rely on You to join with suggestions for landmarks.

We wish you great time and Godspeed!

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