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  • Easy to find 5
  • Worth visiting 5
  • Beauty 5
  • Uniqueness 5
  • Great time spent 5

In May 2013 I visited Horseshoe Bend and my rating is 5/5.

I drove for 5 hours through the desert just to see the Horseshoe Bend and it was totally worth it!!! I went there 2 times to see the bend in different light conditions. If you are a photographer make sure you take a wide lens to capture the beauty of the mighty Colorado river and the entire bend. It will not fit into your frame if you want to use 18-55mm lens or similar.

Tips: I can tell you the best time is in the afternoon - between 4 and 5pm and then just after sunset.


easy to find


worth visiting






great time spent

from New York, USAVivian Carolyn

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