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  • Easy to find 5
  • Worth visiting 5
  • Beauty 5
  • Uniqueness 5
  • Great time spent 5

In November 2013 I visited Uluru / Ayers Rock and my rating is 5/5.

I climbed the rock and the views were amazing. Information signs are really great and informative. Walk around it if you have time. This is an awe inspiring place to visit. Try to have an Aboriginal guide so you can hear some creation time stories while you are at Uluru. Do visit the Cultural Centre and read the stories, and if you can stay to listen to one of the elders tell a story. Take a good camera. I recommend an early start, join the free guided tour at 8am (normally takes couple of hours). Respect the signs around the sacred sites. The sunset and sunrise at Uluru are pure magic happening in front of your eyes.

Tips: Take lots of water to the Rock, it's a hot place. Wear a hat and good shoes, this will make your day so much more enjoyable.


easy to find


worth visiting






great time spent

from New York, USAVivian Carolyn

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