Peristera Fortress Peshtera, Bulgaria

Landmark Peristera Fortress

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Peristera Fortress

Late Antique and Medieval fortress Peristera is located 0.8 km from the city center of Peshtera. The hill on which it is located is known as Saint Petka, and the name Peristera means Dove or Dove Place. The walls have a length of 253 m and enclose a space of 2895 sq. m. The fortified area is oval-shaped, length 94 m and width of the castle 37 m. Displacement 5 m, and the highest point of the fort is 494.6 m. The fortification walls were built of large stones with mortar. There is an old set of stones probably Thracian sanctuary hewn rock steps. At the end of the hill, archaeologists found clay funerary urns in the shape of a sarcophagus, as it is difficult to find in most Thracian burial.



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